A LITTLE ENGINE THAT COOLS needs no fuel generates power and exhausts cold air!

See http://www.aesopinstitute.org

AESOP Institute is developing an inexpensive prototype of a piston engine that substitutes atmospheric heat, a form of solar energy, for fuel. “The thermal energy content of the atmosphere, ocean, and upper crust is estimated to be more than 10,000 times that of the world’s fossil fuel reserves, making it a potentially inexhaustible reservoir of green energy.” Dan Sheehan, U of San Diego.

Skeptics might read CIRCUMVENTING SECOND LAW on the AESOP Institute website.

These engines will exhaust cold air. Imagine huge numbers of cost-competitive engines that generate power 24/7 and counteract Global Warming!

Once validated by an independent lab, small plastic desktop piston generators will run a tablet and recharge cell phones etc. Metal versions will provide electricity to homes. They will replace all sizes of diesel gen-sets – power emergency generators, and provide an on-board recharge for some electric cars. They could also supersede wind turbines. Potential markets total Billions of Dollars.

THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COOLS will demonstrate, rather than argue, that neglected new science can open a practical path to rapid reduction in the need for fossil and radioactive fuels.


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