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Vehicle to Grid Electricity (V2G) – Will Cars Become Power Plants?

March 25, 2009

Revolutionary breakthroughs will make possible the elimination of the need for batteries of every variety. Fuel-Free Engines are expected to replace the need to plug-in a plug-in hybrid. Two kW is all the power that can be taken from a typical wall socket. A 2 kW generator is on the horizon. It will eventually demonstrate a compact, inexpensive, capability to end the need to plug-in.
If the development of these engine-generators is put on a 24/7 footing, it may be possible to provide 5 kW systems on a prototype basis within two years.  Consumer purchasing patterns could begin to reflect a new reality, with the market deciding most future cars must be totally electric, since they will never need any variety of fuel.
The economics are likely to prove compelling. Until now, car ownership has been an expense. V2G has been explored in a modest way for hybrids. Plug-in hybrids, equipped with a two way plug, can feed power to the local utility while parked. This is 95% of the time for the average vehicle. Professor Willet Kempton, at the University of Delaware, has stated the car’s owner could earn up to $4,000 every year. No plug connection will be required.

When a substantial number of vehicles powered by 24/7 Fuel-Free Engines fill a parking garage, it will have become a multi-megawatt power plant. Doubtless, when millions of cars and trucks are selling power to the grid, the price per kilowatt paid will gradually decline. However, it still seems likely that the cost of many vehicles might be paid for by utilities, as they purchase power whenever needed. The parked cars, trucks and buses, each become decentralized power plants – a rapid, cost-effective alternative to the many tough and costly challenges of constructing new coal burning and nuclear power generation facilities.
Automotive manufacturers can be expected to have no trouble selling fuel free cars that need no batteries or recharge, and can pay for themselves over a reasonable period of time.

Imagine the impact on the world economy. Utilities and vehicle manufacturers have a unique opportunity to lead the nation and the world.


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